ATVs, Wildlife and Jail

After my last post from Zion National Park, we headed north to explore Bryce Canyon and the Dixie National Forest. We got a good rate ($12) using our Passport America discount at the Hitch N Post RV Campground in the tiny little town of Panguitch, Utah. We met an interesting character who offered to take us out on a trail ride on his ATVs with him as our guide. He cable tied a basket on the front of ours so Lucy could go with us. We were out most of the day and covered over 40-50 miles of diverse terrain, from open fields to red rocks to moonscapes. Lucy was great even though it was a pretty bumpy ride. In fact, I think she enjoyed it!

As luck would have it, the County Fair was taking place in Panguitch while we were there.  We watched the kids catch trout with their hands, the pig races, and the demolition derby.  None of these activities were on my original agenda!  You just never know what entertainment life will offer you!  I’ve never seen a demolition derby.  It was crazy!

And if that’s not strange enough, we got the Bear washed and waxed for $60 by the prisoners at the County Jail while we were out having all this fun!

The mural on the side of the jail building was a hoot!  The Bear looks beautiful with her new wax.  They did an excellent job!  What a bargain.  They do cars (inside and out) for $10!

We hiked in Red Canyon and took a scenic drive through Bryce.  I just can’t get enough of the beautiful reds in the hoodoos (rock formations) and soil.

We were also lucky enough to spot pronghorn antelope, mule deer, black ravens, and a chipmunk to be included in my wildlife photo collection!

Lovin’ this life.  It seems to be easier than living on a boat.  Mike’s just pulling the steaks off the grill, so I gotta go now!

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