From the Rodeo to the Buffalo

We were worried that we had made a mistake in committing to 5 nights in Manti, Utah.  We didn’t realize that Temple Hill RV Park was actually right next to a large Mormon temple!  I thought that we would be in the ‘hills’ and have hiking trails, etc.  This is actually ranch land and unless you have an ATV, there didn’t seem to be much for us to do.  We went out to the movies a couple of times.  Tickets were a bargain at $4.50.  We saw the Bourne Legacy and The Odd Life of Timothy Green.  Haven’t been to the movies in quite a while, so that was fun.  Just wish I could have resisted the salty popcorn, but, hey, it was only a dollar!  Who could say no to that?

Then we found out the County Fair and Rodeo was taking place right across the street from us!  Woo-hoo, a rodeo!!  I must apologize for my poor quality photos.  I just couldn’t freeze the wild action of the bronco and bull riders.  Hopefully, you can get the idea of how much fun it was!

I’ll try to upload a 10-second video:

We had a fun evening at the rodeo.  It was the total small town experience.  The introduction with the horse drawn hay wagon full of local beauty queens, the men from the volunteer fire department walking into the arena through a smoke screen with dramatic background music, the 9-year-old cowgirl singing the National Anthem on horseback,…. all of it, good stuff.  In addition to the roping and riding events, we also watched the cow milking contest and an event where a little kid jumps on a mat being drug behind a horse and hangs on for dear life as they race to the finish line!  It was a riot!  They’ve got some tough little kids here!

Another interesting sight (for us), which is probably commonplace around here, was when we saw a man and his two young sons and a couple of dogs herding sheep along the side of the road.  It was a large herd (or would that be called a flock?).  Anyway, it was fun to watch these little boys who obviously knew what they were doing. Can you see how young they look?!  They were managing hundreds of sheep along this narrow strip between the road and the fence.

We moved north to Ogden for a couple of days, and I realized that I definitely need to get better at picking our RV sites.  I’ve selected our last few places based on price and amenities (like elect/water/wifi, etc).  In the future, I seriously need to research the location and determine if it’s pretty.  We haven’t even sat outside in our last 3 locations.  We’ve enjoyed driving to do things once we get set up, but we haven’t really enjoyed our RV spot, per se.  Nothing bad, … just not pretty.

One of our enjoyable outings was driving to Antelope Island which is one of the 12 islands on the Great Salt Lake.  We toured the historic Fielding Garr Ranch which operated from 1848 to 1981.  It functioned as one of the largest cattle operations in the state of Utah until the Antelope Island became a state park in 1981.  The ranch was responsible for introducing the buffalo (bison) to the island in 1893.

I was very excited to spot a Great Horned Owl on the ranch.

Lucy has been doing her midnight raids lately.  She ate a half loaf of bread the other night.  We bought a display board which keeps her off the kitchen counter now.  She’ll probably eat that next.  Well, enough pictures for now!  I’ll post this update and go to bed!  Mike’s already sawing logs in the other room.

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