Ten Days In Southern Idaho

Our travel from Utah into Idaho took us to the Lake Walcott State Park in Idaho.  It is a beautiful park, but there were so many bugs!  We couldn’t sit outside!  We tried to walk around the campground, which is on a lake, but we ended up eating too many gnats.  Instead, we took day trips to scenic locations.  Started with the City of Rocks.

It’s a popular place for rock climbers.

We took a long drive to Craters of the Moon National Reserve.  It reminded us of the moonscape appearance of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands (but not as amazing).  It was interesting but I’m not sure it was worth a whole day’s driving to see it.

We next camped at High Adventure River Tours in Idaho.  It was very pleasant there and NO Bugs!  So we took Lucy on many walks around the area.

We hiked the trail along the top of the gorge with fantastic views!

We loved visiting the waterfalls.  Shoshone Falls was really beautiful, especially with the rainbow!  We hiked around the lake near the falls.

Our next camping site was the Bruneau Dunes State Park.  We had a blast climbing the sand dunes and running/sliding down.  Lucy loved it, too!

Before leaving Idaho, we took a day taking the scenic byway through Hells Canyon.  We plan to come back here again (maybe next year) and do a rafting trip here.  It looked fantastic.

A few rapids would be included.

We stopped to picnic near Hells Canyon.  This drive was special .. it was so beautiful!

So now, we’re off to Oregon!  We will slow down in Oregon and spend longer at each location.  This post is short (no stories) because we are having lunch at a wifi hotspot local brewery.  Lunch and libations just arrived.  Cheers!

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