Bicycling in Eugene Oregon

Our campsite in Eugene was lovely.  We stayed at Armitage County Park in a full hook-up site nestled in the trees with lots of space, picnic table, fire pit, next to the river AND a fenced in 2-acre doggie park!  Nice!

We walked along the river path behind our campsite where the berries grow wild!  Can it get any better than this?

There was a colorful Farmers Market on Sunday which took us back to the 1960’s with all the tie-dyed tee-shirts for sale!  Eugene has a real ‘hippie’ vibe and the Sunday marketplace really showcased it all.  We strolled down row after row of arts, crafts, flowers and organic produce, enjoying the music and the food.

Eugene is a bicyclist’s dream.  There are many beautiful bike paths and most of the streets have wide bike lanes.  We have talked about getting back into bicycling since we used to love it so much.  This RV lifestyle really lends itself to bicycling since we enjoy camping near trails and paths.  Since Oregon does not have a State sales tax, we decided that we would be foolish not to buy bicycles here!  Think of the savings!  We determined that a hybrid comfort bike, with shock absorbers on the front and on the seat posts, would be perfect for us.  So we did it!  And we love them!

Next we had to figure out how we can carry them around.  In the meantime, we parked them in the living room.  We couldn’t decide if a car rack or an RV rack would work out best for us.  Ultimately we decided on an RV rack.  Bought it, installed it and, uh-oh, …. it’s too close to the back of the RV!

Next, we bought an extension piece for our hitch and Voila!  We’re good to go!

We ordered a doggie basket for Lucy which we’re having shipped to us at our next location.  We’re hoping it will fit on the handlebars nicely.  And now we are shopping for a cover to put on the bikes while we travel because it gets pretty dirty back there when we are on the road.  We’re having trouble finding a 2-bike RV rack cover that has any good reviews!

We went out the first day and did a 15-mile ride along the Willamette River that runs through the middle of Eugene.  We eagerly anticipated our pain the next day, and there was none!  So we headed out again and did 20+ miles the next day.  Still feeling good!  I can’t believe it.  All the hiking we’ve been doing must be helping.  That, and the fact that we’re bicycling on flat terrain.  I have a feeling that hills are going to be a totally different story.

We had an extra day between campground reservations, so we spent the night at the Valley River Center parking lot.  We read about this convenient, free location, which is right next to the bike/river path.  Normally, RVers can park in the far corner of the mall parking lot, next to the river path.  BUT, security had that area marked off as overflow parking for the Oregon Ducks game the next day.  So they had us park by the Cirque du Soleil trucks.  I had to keep the shade drawn on that side because that clown face freaked me out!  (jk)  We took Lucy on a 4 mile river walk while we were there, and we also caught a movie at the mall.  After doing a little shopping in the morning, we hitched up the car and headed out for the coast.  It worked out perfect!

We’ll be in Bandon, Oregon for the next week.  It is a darling little seaport town.  I’ll tell you about it in my next post.  Cheers!

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