Bandon By The Sea

Spent a week on the Oregon coast in the cutest little fishing town!  We stayed at the Bullards Beach campground near Bandon By The Sea.

We enjoyed beautiful days walking on the beach with Lucy.  She was in doggie heaven!

We took the bicycles out for a nice ride through the town, along the coast, and returning to the campground via a backroad through cranberry bogs.  This area is known for it’s cranberries, by the way.  During our week here, we sampled many cranberry goodies.

We read about a really cool 6-mile hike over the sand dunes and a forest to the beach.  Of course, we had to try it!  We followed the John Dellenback Dunes Trail.  It was really tough because the sand is so deep and steep!

We made it to the beach!  It was really windy that day and soooo cold!  Then we had the long walk back through the forest and across the sand dunes.  Mike had to carry Lucy part of the way on the return trip.  Her pick-me-up technique is to step in front of Mike and trip him.  She will continue to step in front of him, no matter how much he yells at her to get out of his way, until she gets picked up.  Fortunately, it doesn’t take long for her to get her energy back.  She walked most of the way on her own.

We spent another day exploring the tide pools and stopped to picnic while we watched for whales.  We saw a number of whales, but I wasn’t quick enough to catch any pictures.  This spot is popular for whale watching, and it was beautiful there.


We left the Oregon coast and are now at Emigrant Lake near Ashland, Oregon.  I’ll write a separate post about that.  Cheers!


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