The Prime Spot on Emigrant Lake

A lot of the things we have done on this ‘shake down’ trip in our new motorhome has come from recommendations made by bloggers Nina and Paul from Wheeling It.  Theirs is an excellent blog with great stories and recommendations for RVers.  Our current location was given top marks by Nina so we reserved this particular spot months ago.  Our spot is right on the lake, on the tip of a peninsula, so we have water on 3 sides!  It’s a full hookup site with picnic table and campfire ring, so we’ve got it all!

The only difference being that they were here in late spring when the lake was full of water.  It’s kind of low now, but still great.  Our first night here, we had the full moon welcome us.  I love it!

On the top of our list of things to do was to visit Crater Lake.  It was everything we knew it would be.  Absolutely breathtaking!  So blue that you can’t even capture in pictures the depth of the blue.

We picked up a hitchhiker (named Golden Ray) at Crater Lake who needed a ride down to Medford.  He had just completed walking the Pacific Crest Trail which goes from the state of Washington border all the way down to Mexico.  He had been walking for 6 months!  He was deaf, and was hard to understand, so we communicated mostly by writing to each other in his notebook.  Golden Ray said he was meeting his friend Sunshine, who had been sending him boxes of food along the way.  He was a very nice and interesting fellow, but he smelled like he had been walking for 6 months!  I had to keep the window down for the entire hour+ drive so I could breathe.  I hope he just thought that I liked ice cold air whipping my hair across my face.  I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

A couple of days ago, we took an excellent hike on Mt. Ashland.  In fact, it was part of the Pacific Crest Trail.  I loved this hike!  The trail was so pretty going through the forest and the meadow.  Parts of it had sweeping views all the way to Mt. Shasta.  We left Lucy home for this one.

Yesterday, Lucy turned 3 years old!  We bought a bicycle basket for her so she can go with us when we bicycle.  We took her out for a 16 mile trip on the Bear Creek Greenway Path in Ashland.  It wiped me out!  I really thought this would be easy, since it looked pretty flat.  But it was a long rolling path.  I had to peddle on a slight uphill for a long time, then I coasted downhill for a few seconds and had to go into climbing mode again.  I felt like I was going uphill mostly.  I thought it would feel more downhill on the return trip.  But it felt the same!  Those downhill pieces that only seemed to last a few seconds on the way out were now my uphill pieces, and they felt just as hard.  Oh well, it kinda feels good to have sore muscles.  No pain, no gain, right?

We have more fun stuff planned for this weekend.  Can’t wait to tell you all about it later!


2 thoughts on “The Prime Spot on Emigrant Lake

  1. I am loving ur new adventures and the photos are beautiful. Keep having fun so i can live vicariously through u guys!!! Mcbride n i ate leaving Oct. 9-19 for Costa Rica. Ill keep u posted as to our “adventures”!! Love u guys n Lucy!!!

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