There! I Got It!

I got up early, readied my camera, drove to a good spot, and waited ……Got it!

Bald Eagle

I was adjusting my camera settings when she flew away.  I missed the in-flight wing span shot.  That one will have to stay on my bucket list.

We’re packing up and heading out to boondock at Washoe State Park in Nevada, near Carson City.  Mike wants to explore Carson City, so we’ll stay at Washoe for a few days.  This will be our first multiple day “dry camping” attempt.  No electricity, no water, no sewer.  We’ll be using our own resources.  This will be a learning experience for us, I’m sure!

6 thoughts on “There! I Got It!

  1. great pic there Linda.

    as to roughing it, OH sure with the motor home its tough, Have fun, looking forward to you getting closer to meet up some time soon.

    steve & Delsa

  2. Great photo! You might want to consider adding the “follow” widget. That allows followers to get an email each time you post. Also the “Like” button which shows up at the bottom with comments. (not facebook ‘like’) Folks don’t always feel like commenting but they’ll “like” and that let’s you know who’s reading, etc. It took me awhile to figure out some of this stuff and once I did, it’s been fun picking up followers from around the world 🙂

    • Thanks, Ingrid, for the tips. I’m still learning how to make the blog work (obviously)! I wish I spent more time at unlimited wifi spots, so I could figure it out. I actually thought I already had a follow widget. I’ve got a lot to learn!

      • I’ve actually had fellow bloggers write me step by step….a tad embarrassing but helpful none the less! Safe Travels, Ingrid

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