There Are 3 Ways To Go South. We Took The 4th.

Returning to Southern California from Oregon, you have 3 choices.  You can follow the coast along Hwy 101 (expensive!), shoot down the middle on Interstate 5 (boring!), or  drive the beautiful and challenging Hwy 395 through Mammoth Mountain and June Lake (cold!).  We followed Hwy 395 to Carson City NV, where we enjoyed a couple of days at Washoe Lake State Park.  When we learned that it snowed in the mountains on Hwy 395, we headed east to pick up Hwy 95 to Las Vegas.  And that’s where we are now.

We camped at Washoe Lake State Park because it is near Carson City and Mike was interested in the history of Carson City.  What we discovered is that Virginia City is the place to go if you are interested in that old time mining/saloon/railroad thing.  Carson City has plenty of history, but it’s a fairly large city. Whereas, Virginia City is small and a bit touristy, and it has that old west shoot-em-up flavor.  We had a fun day walking around, checking out the saloons and shops.

Virginia City, Nevada

Virginia City, Nevada

Bucket of Blood Saloon

Our campsite at Washoe Lake had plenty of elbow room.  The sites are very well spaced, and the campground was almost empty.  We took a late afternoon hike up Deadman’s Creek trail to a lookout point over the lake.

Washoe Lake State Park – Site 20

Another campfire with a board sticking out! I’m ruining Mike’s excellent campfire building reputation!

Late afternoon hike on Deadman Creek trail to the lake overlook.

Oh!  And this was our first multiple day ‘dry camping’ attempt.  It was so easy that I almost forgot to mention it.  Our fear was mostly regarding our residential refrigerator.  We weren’t sure how the house batteries would do in sustaining the temp in the frig.  They did fine.  We ran the generator less than an hour in the morning and again before we went to sleep.  When we eventually get solar panels installed, we will be boondocking for much longer periods of time.

As I stated, we are now in Las Vegas for a few days.  We picked up our final mailbox full of junk and closed our mail address here in Las Vegas.  When we bought the motorhome, we changed our domicile to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  It’s a better tax situation for full-time RVers like us.

We found a “Rails to Trails” bike trail near here which sounds really fun.  So we plan to do that in the morning!  Cheers!

3 thoughts on “There Are 3 Ways To Go South. We Took The 4th.

  1. Glad to hear you made the change in routes. We left June Lake just in time, as the temps plummeted and they had quite a bit of snow we had heard. Great photos! 🙂

    • Yes, we really want to spend some time in that area you just completed. But it just looked TOO cold for us to do it now. There’s always next year! By the way, I’m hoping you plan to share the tips and tricks for boondocking that you’ve learned! I know it’s all those little things that can make a big difference. We don’t have solar panels.

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