Did We Bite Off More Than We Could Chew?

Our first clue should have been the word ‘mountain’ in the trail name.  We read about and were eager to do the 35-mile River Mountains Loop Trail which surrounds the River Mountains connecting Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Hoover Dam, Henderson, Boulder City and the rest of the Las Vegas Valley.  We packed Lucy’s bag, loaded up our bags with snacks and water, outfitted myself in cool-max clothing, and headed out to pick up the trail in Henderson.

Long before we got to the half-way point, we were feeling weak in the legs.  This was turning out to be much more challenging than we expected, but we were still enjoying the ride immensely.

Getting over to Lake Mead was a beautiful sight.  We were close to the half-way mark at that point.

We were tired and a bit overwhelmed thinking that we were only half way through.  We didn’t really have a back-up plan, so we just kept going.  We didn’t realize that we had a 10-mile uphill climb waiting for us!  I guess we expected the second half to be similar to the first half.  You know, some uphill climbing and then a little downhill to break it up.  But no, this was 10 miles all uphill with no break!

We had to move aside for a skateboard race that was going down the 10-mile hill that we were going up.  We were walking our bikes at that point, so it was easy to move off the road.  Our quads were screaming.

I don’t know how to take a picture that accurately reflects the perspective.  My picture makes the road look fairly flat.  But it was steep!  Those guys were flying!  We were so happy to reach the peak and just coast down the other side back to our trailhead.  Whew!  What a ride!  We expected that we wouldn’t be able to walk today, but we feel good.  I’m amazed.  That was fun.

5 thoughts on “Did We Bite Off More Than We Could Chew?

  1. Looks like Lucy knew what she was doing! 🙂 I would opt for the cushioned basket! Looks like a beautiful ride. Glad you were able to walk the next day! Hugs!

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