Coast to Coast in 5 Days

We got the call from our yacht broker on the east coast. An offer was placed for our sailboat, a final price was negotiated, and the wheels of the deal were set in motion. I had no time to write my blog update for our week in Arizona where we experienced the casinos on the Colorado River, the pine trees in Prescott, the magic of Sedona, and family in Phoenix. We needed to quickly get to Southern California, get stuff out of storage that belongs on the boat, drop off our car and bikes at our daughter Kimberly’s house, unload as much weight as possible, and drive The Bear straight to Savannah Georgia to prepare the boat for survey. We stopped to sleep at rest stops and Walmarts, completing the 2600 mile trip in 4 1/2 days. We are parked in the boatyard, next to Aquila, working our butts off to unload 8 years worth of ‘stuff’ and decide what to keep and where to put it all in The Bear. The buyers arrive for the inspection tomorrow. And it’s raining today just to complicate things! I’ll post pictures later. I’m doing this little update from my iPhone.

13 thoughts on “Coast to Coast in 5 Days

  1. Congratulations on selling your boat! That has to be a big load off your mind. Now you can really delve into your next adventure – RVing!

      • Mike and Linda, Olga and I will be in West Palm beach from November 16 to Nov 23rd, if you don’t have plans to be in So Cal by then come on down and spend Thanksgiving with us.

  2. Wow! Looks like you guys have been busy! It is always tough deciding what comes with you and what stays on the boat. I am sure it is a sweet and sad time for you. Aquila is a gorgeous boat and has taken you to so many wonderful places with lots of good memories. Looks like you are settling in with The Bear and having a great time. Hope the sale goes smoothly. Miss ya! .

    • Hi Cathie! We’ve been off-loading for 2 days while she’s on-the-hard. A hundred trips up and down the ladder! We splash today and the buyers arrive with their broker for the visual inspection. Then a whole team of surveyors arrive in the morning for a full day of testing all systems and running her up and down the river. She’s been on-the-hard for 6 months, so you can imagine how anxious I’m feeling. We have a lot of systems! Miss you guys and all the fun times we shared in the Chesapeake and Bahamas!

  3. Looks like we’ll be sailing this Spring. It was kind of bittersweet. We were ready to RV full-time and hoped the sale would go smoothly. But it was not meant to be. So now we get another season of sailing! Not such a bad thing! I’ll update the blog soon with our travel plans. We’ll be here in California with the kids through the holidays anyway. Are you and Tom headed to the Bahamas?

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