End of California Vacation

(This post has been updated to include our pictures now that I have resolved my media issue!)

Our vacation is over.  We are back on the road, after 2 wonderful months with the kids and grandkids in California.  Now … back to the serious hard work of being retired, traveling around the countryside, and all the responsibility that goes with it.  Like deciding where to go, what to see, what to eat, what to drink, when to go to bed, when to get up.  Oh my gosh, the list goes on and on.

Our vacation in California was so wonderful.  We just love being with the kids and participating in their lives.  Our days were filled with attending school and sports events, holiday parties, and lots of family time.  We love our life of travel, but it is so comfortable to be at home with them and we miss them all so much when we leave.  Lucy misses Ruby, too!  Our little doggies instantly reconnected and had so much fun chasing each other around, wrestling, getting into mischief, and sleeping together each night.

Lucy and Ruby

We’re excited to venture out in the RV, but we are going to miss these beautiful faces!

Five Grandkids Blake and Kimberly Garrett Basketball Kailyn Choir Spartan Race - AfterThanksgiving Pic - KimberlyChristmas Pic - SeanGarrett Baseball tournament championsPaige SoftballPaige at SoccerBrady's Pre-school Program

So much fun!!

We left last week (on Jan. 17) and stopped in Quartzsite, AZ for a few days.  We were curious about the big RV Rally that takes place at this time every year.  Hundreds of RVs camped everywhere, as far as you can see.  We found a wide open flat spot on BLM land by Dome Rock.  Getting to that spot and setting up would have been a snap if we hadn’t left Kimberly’s house late and arrived in Quartzsite after dark.  It was pitch black!  And we were driving down a side road in the middle of the desert looking for a good place to pull off the road into the dirt.  If we made the wrong choice, we could get stuck and not be able to turn around.  Very stressful.  But we were lucky and got a really good spot (verified in the morning at first light!).

Quartzsite AZ boondock site We spent a couple of days perusing all the vendor booths in the big tent, as well as browsing the outdoor aisles and aisles of independent booths.  The event is huge!  We had a good time and bought a few things that we are excited about.

We stopped for a day in Phoenix to visit Mike’s mother.  Eleanor is such a sweet beautiful lady.  She’s getting very forgetful, so visiting her is always a surprise for her whether she knows we’re coming or not.   It’s so cute to see her get so excited to see her Michael. Mike and Mom

Moving on, we stopped for a couple of days near Tombstone, AZ to do a little touring.  Mike absolutely loves the old west, so we had a fun day visiting the museums and shops and taking a tour of an old silver mine.  Also visited the museum at Ft. Huachuca.

Tombstone Main Street

Our goal to is reach Ft. Lauderdale, Florida by early February.  We need to sail our boat Aquila from Savannah to Ft. Lauderdale so she can spend some time in the water and be available to potential buyers.  So, once again, we are moving quickly across the country.  But we are stopping a little bit here and there to enjoy it a bit more than when we did this last November!  Our plan is to visit Carlsbad Caverns, spend a few days in San Antonio, stop to see New Orleans, and whatever else we can fit into the schedule on our way to Florida.  Fortunately, we absolutely love being on the road, and the road we’re taking is a beautiful one.