Our Spring RV Travels Begin – Florida and Georgia

We left Aquila on the dock in Ft. Lauderdale, and headed north in our RV.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that Aquila will soon sell, so that we can focus our energy on this new lifestyle in the motorhome.

We began by spending a few days at Markham County Park right there in Ft. Lauderdale.  This gave us a chance to get moved off the boat and back into the RV.

P1150094 Markham Park FL

After a few days, we felt ready to begin our trip up the East Coast.  Lake Toho RV Park was our next stop.  We planned to go on an airboat ride which promised to be a nature photo opp.  Unfortunately, the wind was blowing 30 mph and all boat rides were cancelled.  They let us hold a baby alligator which was in their care.  It is not a pet.

IMG_1387 Linda with alligator

IMG_1401 Lake Toho, St Cloud, FL

In Georgia, we stayed at the Crooked River State Park and LOVED it.  It is exactly the kind of campsite that we love.  It is spacious, lots of trees, campfire ring, hiking trails, and bicycling trails.  We had the perfect spot.  While we were there, we toured nearby St. Mary’s so Mike could visit the Submarine Museum.

IMG_2830 Submarine Museum IMG_2851 St mary's GA IMG_2858 me and Mike in Georgia IMG_2864 Crooked River State Park campsite IMG_2869 playpen P1150100 Bicycle riding at Crooked River

We have now moved on to the Carolina’s where we have been visiting several old friends and where we also experienced serious mechanical problems.  All that news in the next update.  By the way, I went back to my previous posts and inserted the pictures that I couldn’t insert previously.  Go back and check them out.



Posting a Picture

P1150083 Lucy on deck with conehead

Woohoo!  I think it’s working again!  I had a browser settings issue.  Hopefully all resolved now.

Aquila is tied to that dock in Florida on the Intercoastal Waterway for the next couple of months.  That’s Lucy on the deck with her conehead.  She had to wear that collar for a week because she had a hotspot.  No-see-ums were biting both of us.  Lucky Mike was immune to it.  They didn’t care for him.

I’ll update my previous posts with pictures, now that I’ve got the picture thing fixed.


Sitting Pretty On The Dock

(This post has been updated with pictures)

IMG_2730IMG_2744 Mike and Lucy at helm leaving Savannah

P1150070 healing under sailP1150071 Mike sleeping underwayP1150073 Sunrise on watch

We sailed for several days and nights to get Aquila from Savannah, GA to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. It was actually a fantastic sail with great wind on the beam. After a couple of days of great wind, things got kind of ugly on the ocean, so we ducked into the Intercoastal Waterway and spent the final day and night motoring down the ICW and dealing with all those dang bridges! We are too tall to clear the bridges, so we are required to radio ahead and request a bridge opening. Many of the bridges are on a schedule, so we had to wait for the scheduled bridge opening to continue our voyage. It was tedious, but better than being out in the Atlantic Ocean at that time.

P1150076 Linda at helm entering ICW at St LucieIMG_2747 Mike and Lucy cruising the ICW

We arrived at our dock and secured Aquila in her new temporary home. After a couple of weeks of boat projects (and one fun outing to the Miami Boat Show to meet up with our good friends, Mary and Larry Ivins), we are now officially moved back into the Bear and will continue our RV travels up the East Coast. Aquila is berthed in Hollywood, FL (near Ft. Lauderdale) on the Intercoastal Waterway. She is all dressed up with nowhere to go. She is lonely and sad. Somebody needs to buy this beautiful yacht and give her a new home! It is kinda sad to just leave her there.

IMG_2802 Aquila at dock with covers

We’re hitting the road tomorrow (Tues, Mar. 5) and heading North. We plan to visit a few of our East Coast friends and I know that will really lift my spirits. I love the Bear, but leaving Aquila, for possibly the last time ever, is disorienting in a way.