History Tour – Washington, DC

April 14-18, 2013

Our next stop was Bull Run Regional Park in Manassas, VA.  It was as close as we could get to a MetroRail Station into Washington, DC.  The campsite was a little more than we like to pay, and it was only an electric hook-up (no water or sewer).  But spending a week touring the capital was a priority for Mike.  Plus it turned out to be a really nice campsite conveniently located near the showers and laundry.  Our site was large which really didn’t matter because the campground was practically empty anyway.

IMG_3346 Bull Run, VA campsiteP1150266 Mike and Lucy lovefest

Mike is a history buff and was looking forward to spending lots of time touring as many museums as we could.  We barely cracked the surface.  It would take many weeks to see everything.  Rather than rush through a bunch of them, we selected a few and then spent hours at each one.  We also did some walking and visited many of the important monuments and memorials.  The museums we toured were the Smithsonian Natural History, Smithsonian American History, Smithsonian National Air and Space, Bureau of Printing and Engraving and the International Spy Museum.  Our final full day was spent at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.  All of the previous days facts and figures were replaced with a heavy load of emotion.  It was a very full week and I’m looking forward to enjoying some downtime at our next stop.

IMG_3332 Washington MonumentIMG_3292 Mike at Navy MemorialIMG_3328 Vietnam MemorialIMG_3363 Hope DiamondP1150282IMG_3263IMG_3377 Forensic ScienceIMG_1576 Cherry Blossom TreeIMG_3306 White House

8 thoughts on “History Tour – Washington, DC

  1. This is something Al is looking forward to doing…..he too is a real history buff. As many times as we’ve been to D.C., we never made it to the Smithsonian. Love those Cherry Blossoms!

  2. Yep we will be here. Steve has lived in DC and would like to give me a personal tour. We did wonder where we would stay once we get in the area and it looked like you had the answer. We will probably be here for two weeks for I have not been to the Smithsonian. Thanks again for the sneak peak. Great Photos.

    • There are 19 Smithsonian museums and each one could take a whole day! The thing that surprised me is that they are free. If you stay at Bull Run Park, you will drive about 12 miles to the Metrorail station in Fairfax/Vienna. Parking all day is $4.75. But before you go there, go to CVS pharmacy and buy a Metrorail Card. It will save you money if you plan to go into DC several times. If you are Seniors, that’s another story. Let me know if you want that info.

      • Great införmation we will keep this in mind as we head there in a few months. I wish we were seniors for we could use some discounts and it will be a long time before we could enjoy those perks.

  3. I wish I had know you were coming through DC. I’m in DC on a detail at headquarters and would have loved to have seen you two. My apartment is right by the Navy Memorial where Mike’s picture was taken. I always enjoy your posts and living vicariously through your travels.

      • Normally I’m in Indianapolis, but I’ll be in DC for a while doing an extended stint at HQ. My family is still in Indianapolis. I really enjoyed reading about Billy and Ray as well as the photos of them and their “toys”. It brought back good memories. Let me know if you’re going to be coming through Indiana.

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