Hiking, Biking, Eating, Drinking, Family and Friends

I kind of feel like all my blog posts are starting to sound the same.  Campgrounds with trees, lakes, and fire rings, trails for hiking and biking, meet ups with old friends, tours around charming towns and historic places, and always eating and drinking.  Our life is pretty much the same agenda, but in a new place each time.  And we LOVE it!  So, here is the latest version of our semi-groundhog-day-scripted life.

IMG_3963 Wompatuck State Park in Massachusetts

We moved from the Cape Cod Canal a bit further north to Wompatuck State Park in Hingham, Massachusetts, which is close to Quincy where Mike grew up.  Even though his mom and sis now live in Phoenix AZ, he has aunts and cousins in this area.  We had a mini-reunion with a houseful at Auntie Cleta’s, but didn’t take any pictures out of respect to her.  It’s hard for me to understand why anyone wouldn’t want to have pictures taken, but she has always felt that way.  So no one takes pictures around her.  Ever.  I really felt like sneaking some because I don’t know if we will ever get back this way to see her and the others again.  But that would have been wrong to disrespect her wishes, so I didn’t.  In any event, we had a great visit with lots of laughter.  She has maintained her sense of humor even though she has been recuperating from hip surgery this year, which has certainly slowed her down.

Mike’s cousin Gary invited us to his new house in Kittery Point, Maine, which was so beautiful!  They recently ‘downsized’ from their 20-acre 5,000 sq. ft. home with stables to this fantastic ‘little’ home nestled in the woods on only 1 acre.  Their horses are now boarded nearby at a spectacular ranch on the coast with endless acres of green grass and white picket fences.  They are only minutes from Portsmouth, New Hampshire where Darlene works, minutes from all the shopping outlets of Miracle Mile in Kittery, minutes from the water, and yet you feel like you are deep in the beech wood tree forest with total solitude.  So, so pretty.

P1150709 Darlene, Gary, Linda, Mike, Betty, DanteP1150646 Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery MaineP1150637 Portsmouth, NH P1150632 Portsmouth, NH

Mike’s best friend throughout grade school and high school, Jimmy Wilson, married his high school sweetheart and has lived in Quincy his whole life.  There are so many people here with such deep roots!  Jimmy and Cindy are retired and talk about moving to Florida, but with grown kids and grandkids and aging parents here, it doesn’t seem likely.  It was nice to visit and catch up with them.  Cindy has been battling the big “C” for years and we admire her so.  Sending our love and positive energy to her.

P1150513 Linda, Mike, Cindy, JimP1150542 Tony's Clam Shop

We moved to the Saddleback Campground in Northwood, New Hampshire, where we camped next to a pond with frogs, turtles, geese, and fish.  The camp host warned us that the frogs were quite loud at nights, but I liked it.  And it truly was loud.   I guess I like the sounds of nature.  I also like listening to crickets and birds.IMG_1845 Saddleback Campground pond IMG_1839 frog IMG_1837 geese family IMG_1820 Snapping Turtle

We carry our bicycles on the back of the Bear which has limited us to bicycling only around the campgrounds we stay at.  So we broke down and bought a car bicycle rack so we can drive to some of the great bike trails that aren’t right there at the campground.  So far, it’s working great and has given us more flexibility.

P1150662 New Bike Rack P1150657 Bicycling in Northwoods P1150613 me and Mike hiking at Lake Winnipesaukee P1150556 Lucy goggles

We read about some local wineries and decided to spend an afternoon doing a little tasting.  We went to one winery that had a free tasting room (with a heavy pour on the tastings), and serving a load of appetizers.  In addition to the bar itself, the large upstairs room had conversational seating areas with sofas and chairs and coffee tables.  It was more like a cocktail party!  We had fun visiting with the other ‘tasters’.  Such fun!

P1150627 Uncork the Love P1150620 Sweet Baby Winery P1150621 Sweet Baby Winery

Came across a museum with a large collection of World War II military vehicles, and artifacts and memorabilia focused on America from 1939 to 1945.P1150604 Wright WWII Museum P1150595 Wright Museum WWII

We pack up and leave here in the morning.  We’ll be heading toward Niagara Falls.  Cheers!

7 thoughts on “Hiking, Biking, Eating, Drinking, Family and Friends

  1. The last time Auntie Cleta “posed” for picture for me was with Cole…he was 7 months old! Last year I got a candid of her and Nick using my cell phone, she hadn’t learned how they work for photo’s yet and just thought I was on the phone! That one is in my private collection. 🙂

  2. We’ve never been further north than Boston. I’ve always had a curiosity about Maine. Thanks for sharing even though it may feel like ground hogs day to you….lol. We too enjoy the special times with family and friends…cherish. Looking forward to the next leg….Niagara Falls, another place that has eluded our travels 🙂

  3. I feel the same way about our postings, but the best part, different views and scenery that we are proud to share. Keeping notes of where you had been as the northeast is on the route Aug/Sept. Can’t wait to see your Niagara Falls as we will be heading there mid July. Would like to see where you stayed and how you liked it.

  4. So excited to find your blog. We are Else and Kim, met the 3 of you last summer at Bullards Beach State Park. Sounds like you are having an amazing time, exploring. We have connected with Wheeling it, Nina and Paul, thanks to you telling us about them. We are all here hosting at Bullards, and loving it. Did you sell your boat? I will surely stay in touch. Else

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