The Ozarks and South Dakota

I’ve only got a minute, so I’ll post these pictures without much explanation.  I just needed to catch up since I haven’t posted in over a month!  My shoulder is healing, but the bruise remains.  I can’t believe there is still a big black blotch on my bicep after all this time.  I’ve probably been cheating a little on my healing process.  I mean, we’ve bicycled and hiked and I’ve basically been trying to do everything that I could do before I broke the bone.  I’ve got a follow up appointment with my own orthopedic surgeon in 2 weeks, so I’ll find out if I’ve really screwed it up.

We had a wonderful time in Branson with my sister and my aunt.  My aunt took us to a bunch of shows, we ate out at some yummy restaurants, and we hung out at the campground and talked, talked, talked.  So much fun!

Linda Valarie Nola

Claudette, Nola, Kay, Valarie, Linda, Mike at College of Ozarks McFarlains

Water fountains at the LandingTall Pines campsite

The shows were fun!

Cats PajamasClay Cooper showPresleys

Ozark Glazed Almonds


We also stayed at a campground that had its own entertainment on Friday nights.  Real down home stuff.

Ozark Mtn Jamboree


Still seeing horse and buggy on the roads.  Always fascinates me.

horse and carriage


After Missouri, we moved on up to South Dakota.  We spent a few days in Sioux Falls at the State Park, and then moved westward and stayed at an Indian reservation for a few days.

P1160171 Sioux Falls waterfallsskinny bridge on Mississippi RiverDutch oven demoP1160177 Sioux Falls Bike TrailP1160217 West Bend SP site 30Sioux Pow WowSioux Pow Wow 2Big Sioux campsite


We are in Custer State Park (near Mt. Rushmore).  It is so beautiful here!  The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is taking place this week and thousands of motorcycles are EVERYWHERE!  Our 3 oldest grandchildren are arriving tomorrow and we are so excited!  My next update will cover all of that!  Cheers!


6 thoughts on “The Ozarks and South Dakota

  1. Wow, you sure manage to get around. My daughter and I did a road trip to Custer a few years ago and had a great time. Walks around Sylvan Lake and a hike up to Harney Peak were fun as was the Bison viewing. Enjoy that time with the grandkids 🙂

  2. I have been away for awhile so did not know about your shoulder injury. So sorry to hear about it and hopefully you are now on the road to complete mending.

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