A Taste of Colorado

When I returned from my too-brief trip to California, Mike and I enjoyed a few more days in Denver at the Cherry Creek State Park.  We took the metro rail into town to experience the annual “Taste of Colorado”  outdoor festival in Downtown Denver’s Civic Center Park.  It was a beautiful day and we had fun checking out all the booths and listening to the bands.  But it didn’t seem all that unique to Colorado.  Maybe I’ve been to too many festivals, but it looked like all the same stuff that we see everywhere else.  A fun day, all the same!

A Taste of Colorado Festival

A Taste of Colorado Festival

IMG_5396 A Taste of Colorado

Entertainment by "Wild Feathers"

Entertainment by “Wild Feathers”

No, we didn't

No, we didn’t

On another blue sky day, we drove to the top of Mt. Evans on the highest paved road in the US, at 14,130 ft.  The scenic drive to the top of Mt. Evans was beautiful, and then really scary!  The road is steep, narrow, winding, and without guardrails!  Yikes!  Then we hiked the final quarter mile to the summit at 14,264 ft.

IMG_5370 Drive to Mt Evans

IMG_5368 Mt Evans road

IMG_3000 Mt Evans road

IMG_3021 top of Mt Evans Colorado

In ruins, at the top of Mt. Evans, is the Crest House built in 1940.  Known as the Castle in the Sky, it was a star shaped restaurant and gift shop that was destroyed by fire in 1979.  It is now used as an observation platform.

Ruins of the Crest House

Ruins of the Crest House

Rocky Mountain Goat on Mt. Evans

Rocky Mountain Goat on Mt. Evans

Yellow Bellied Marmots on Mt. Evans

Yellow Bellied Marmots on Mt. Evans

We took a 20+ mile bicycle ride through Cherry Creek.  It was hot, hot, hot!  Large fields of prairie dogs entertained us by popping their heads up out of holes in the ground.  It reminded me of an arcade game!

P1160665 Biking in Cherry Creek State Park

So fun to meet up with old friends as we travel across the country.  Mike connected with a couple of guys he used to work with at the Bureau.  No picture of Marcus (I was in California when they got together), but here is one with Doug when we all went out for dinner.

IMG_5373e Doug Dawson

It’s always an absolute delight to meet up with my long-time friend, Jane, and her husband Bob.  We had lunch at a really cute little patio restaurant in Castle Rock called the Augustine Grill.

Jane and Bob Forster

Jane and Bob Forster

And so our time limit of 14-days was up at Cherry Creek State Park.  We would move on to Colorado Springs, so that will be my next update.

Cherry Creek State Park

Cherry Creek State Park


3 thoughts on “A Taste of Colorado

  1. Glad you made it up to Mt. Evans. Now we can both say “we climbed a fourteener”….well, not really. I don’t think less than 200 feet constitutes climbing a fourteener. Hum, I wonder….are there written rules? LOL Hope you enjoy your stay in our old home town of Colorado Springs 🙂

  2. While living in Colorado we have been to this festival, and I’m with you, they begin to all look the same after a bit. Having said that, CO is a beautiful state in which to experience nature. Looks like you two are doing just that. 🙂

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