Chiricahua National Monument – Arizona

Hiking this place has been on our bucket list for many years.  A long, long time ago, Mike and I loved to go off into the wilderness for days on end with only the packs on our backs.  We had always wanted to go backpacking in the Chiricahuas, but somehow never did make it down to this southeast corner of Arizona.  We’re not as tough as we used to be and don’t desire to backpack anymore.  But we do love day hiking, and the Chiricahua National Monument ranks up there as some of the best hiking EVER!  All I can say is that we will most definitely be returning to the Chiricahuas next year.  We hiked about 16 miles of these beautiful trails over 2 days, loving every minute of it.

Chiricahuas -  02

Chiricahuas -  22 Chiricahuas -  21 Chiricahuas -  20 Chiricahuas -  19Chiricahuas -  17Chiricahuas -  16Chiricahuas -  14Chiricahuas -  13Chiricahuas -  12Chiricahuas -  11Chiricahuas -  10Chiricahuas -  09Chiricahuas -  08Chiricahuas -  07Chiricahuas -  06Chiricahuas -  05Chiricahuas -  03Chiricahuas -  18


8 thoughts on “Chiricahua National Monument – Arizona

  1. I’ve been waiting for this post and all the great photos. We are definitely stopping at the Chiricahua’s next season. Looks way too awesome to pass 🙂

  2. Love the pics! Did you see a conservation crew working hard at maintaining the trails and CCC rock walls? If you did you saw my son! He is currently on the conservation crew at Chiricahua. Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. This is a wonderful park! We loved our two hikes, as well. The rock formations are so unique. It was tough to hike because I had to keep stopping to look around. Those darn rocks are so distracting:) I recognize most of you photos!!

  4. Looks fantastic! How many times do I have to say, “You guys sure know how to retire!” Now… don’t I remember a *PROMISE* from you guys that you would come back to Tortola for a visit once the boat was sold? Ok… the boat is sold! So, when are you coming??? F & P

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