Retirement – Chapter 3

Retirement Chapter 1 – Sailboat … sailing to exotic places in foreign countries

Retirement Chapter 2 – Motorhome … exploring the natural beauty of the USA

Retirement Chapter 3 – Mountain Cabin in Colorado … WHAT???!

Surprised?  I didn’t think you would be.  I’ve dropped enough hints about how much we love Colorado, especially the Durango/Bayfield area.  On this visit, we casually looked at a few places we saw on Zillow that were interesting.  You know, just to check out the market and to do a little homework for future reference.  We always thought we would probably end up here.

But then … there it was … it was perfect!  And it felt right!  So we bought it.  We can’t wait to begin Retirement Chapter 3.  But we must wait until escrow closes at the end of the summer.  I’ll post pictures then.

In the meantime, we have listed The Bear for sale on RV Traders.  If you know of anyone in the market for a highly upgraded motorhome, click here to view our ad.



22 thoughts on “Retirement – Chapter 3

  1. Good luck on your next stage I would like to say how much I have enjoyed reading your adventures over the last few years ,which has inspired me and Maria to retire end of July and go travelling in our truck and trailer and visit many of your destinations .
    Regards Peter Maria

  2. That’s kind of full circle as I remember Mike saying retirement in Colorado way back when we were working over at HIDTA. I am looking at going at they end of the year, theoretically I should be banking my leave but the whole TSP penalty law changed suddenly (do I’m trying 2 years earlier than planned) and anyway I felt like getting away so I’m down in Belize diving. Good luck on the new place, it will be strange for you to be in one place after almost these years of roaming. Larry

    • Yes, we’ve always loved Colorado. Mike and I will be in SoCal at the end of the year to celebrate the holidays with the kids. Mike said to tell you that he will contact you to get together then. Have fun diving in Belize!

  3. Too early for us to buy the RV – we’re still in the planning stages and have about 2 years to go. And it’s too bad – we live about 20 minutes from Durango!

  4. Wow! A huge congrats to you! I think moving on is always exciting, and when it feels right you’ve just gotta do it. Hope you have space for RV friend parking? 🙂

  5. It is always wonderful when you know something feels right and you have the means to go for it. Some people go their entire lives not ever realizing their dreams. Congrats to you both!

  6. Well, we certainly explored some of that early time in southwestern Colorado with you. We visited our other friends in Durango on our way back from Arizona this spring. Now we will have additional reasons to make our trips back and forth through those breathtakingly beautiful mountains. You will have the jeep, however, to take us over the high passes…Bob’s not the driver any more.

    Saw the Calgary Stampeded several weeks ago in Canada…truly the granddaddy of them all!
    Congrats on your decision. Jane and Bob

  7. Hey do you guys still get emails from here? It’s been a long time I just wanted to see how you guys are doing. I retired back in May of 2916. I have been keeping busy (but not too busy). Drop me and email Larry Meadows

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