We’ve got seasons! Our first snowy winter and we LOVE IT!

1 Mike and Linda

2 Backyard 1 - Summer

Our backyard when we moved here in August

2 Backyard 2 - Fall Rain

Fall colors and a few rainy days

2 Backyard 4 - First Snow

Our first little dusting of snow in November

2 Backyard 5 - Covered in snow

February – Lots of snowfall

3 Driveway 1 - Summer

Our driveway (when we moved in)

3 Driveway 2 - Snow covered

Our driveway when we returned from spending the Holidays in California.  I’m with the car on the street waiting for Mike to get the snow blower going so he can clear the snow.  Unfortunately, it wouldn’t start, so he shoveled the whole thing.  He got the thing working the next day.

3 Icicles

The icicles are amazing.  Looks kind of scary as the huge layer of ice on the roof slides off.

4 My office 1 - Mike clears the path

Mike’s so sweet to shovel the walkway to my office building.  And it’s snowing again!

4 Save the satellite dish 2

Mike attempts to remove the snow from the patio roof before it takes out our satellite dish.  It was quite a job because so much of it is ice.

4 Save the satellite dish 3

4 Spa Deck 1 - snow covered

Yikes!  The hot tub doesn’t look very inviting like this.

4 Spa Deck 2 - Linda clears snow

We’re going to need a nice soak in it after all this shoveling.  And it’s delightful!

5 sun comes out

Everything is so beautiful all covered in snow!

5 sun melts snow on trees

The sunshine melts the snow on the top branches and it creates a domino effect as it falls and knocks the snow from other branches.  This goes on all day and it’s so fun to watch.

7 Lucy 1 - Exploring backyard

Lucy had to learn how to live this new lifestyle, too.  When we moved here, she loved exploring her yard.

7 Lucy 2 - Patrolling

She patrols the fenced in area.

7 Lucy 3 - Gettin Busy

She’s wondering what the heck is going on as it snows on her while she is taking care of business.

7 Lucy 4 - helping clear the driveway

Lucy helps Mike clear the driveway.  She’s thinking that this isn’t so bad.

7 Lucy 5 - Snow path

Wait a minute!  What the heck?  Where’s my yard?

7 Lucy 6 - By the fireplace

I think I’ll just relax by the fire.  Thank you very much.