About Us

Mike and I met each other when we were in our early 40’s.  I was in an elevator in the Los Angeles World Trade Center building where I worked.  The elevator doors opened and this tall good-looking guy got in.  He had long dark brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and was wearing jeans, tshirt, running shoes, and an earring.  We were instantly attracted to each other!  He looked so out of place in this building where all the men wore business suits.  But he worked in the building, too.  And his floor required a key to exit the elevator.  Very mysterious.   It took several weeks of flirtatious smiles during chance sightings in the elevators and lobby before we got up the nerve to speak to each other.  I learned he was a Federal Agent on a task force dealing with guns, drugs, and gangs.  We began dating and a romance followed that was filled with passion reserved for teenagers .. butterflies, weak knees, inseparable and the inability to stop smiling.   We were married  in 1991.

We made our home in Simi Valley, California with our 2 children from our former marriages, Linda’s daughter Kimberly and Mike’s son Sean.  Now Kimberly is married to Lance and has 3 children (Blake, Garrett and Paige).  Sean is married to Keni and has 2 children (Kailyn and Brady).  Missing our wonderful kids and grandkids is the toughest part of this traveling retirement lifestyle.

When we retired in 2005, we sold our home and all of our possessions to buy a world class blue water cruising boat.  For the next 7 years, we lived on our sailboat Aquila and explored Central America, the Caribbean Islands, and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to spend 3 years in Europe.  Our families have vacationed with us in many exotic locations and we are thrilled that they got to share these experiences with us.

Now we are ready to try something new.  We want to explore the USA in a motorhome.  We want to see and experience all the beautiful, natural, historic, and fun places that this country has to offer.  Plus, we’ll be closer to home and it will be easier to see the kids more often.

15 thoughts on “About Us

  1. HI guys, sounds like you are still having a good time. thats what its all about.

    Give me a heads up where you will be in the west latter this fall and maybe Delsa and I can meet up with you. It would be good to see you.

    I am still working and traveling too much, Delsa is still Dir of school Public health.

    If in area of Las vegas mid jan.. join us for Shot show.

    Steve Delsa

  2. Life is great! Did another trip on Soren Larsen, Opua, NZ to Raratonga, Cook Islands last spring. (Crossed the atlantic on her fall of 2000.) Big adjustment from Eagle to Bear, but perfect for all the right reasons. If you plan to get to mid-coast Maine give send an e. Travel well, Leila

  3. Howdy Linda and Mike, what a treat to meet you today however briefly. Love the fantastic family photos and your descriptions of your journey … hope we get a chance to spend more time together as we both explore the western US!


  4. Glad to have come across your blog (via Ingrid’s blog) and look forward to your ventures. Barb and I did the same thing about 2 years, ago; sold home and almost all worldly posessions and are traveling the country. Here is our blog…www.freewheelin.me
    Maynard and Barb

  5. What an adventure you guys are having… Travel by sea and land! I love your blog. I arrived via a link posted by Ingrid about Goosenecks State Park and I look forward to your further adventures. Happy Trails…

  6. Hi. I really enjoyed my brief visit on your site and I’ll be sure to be back for more.
    Can I contact your through your email?

    Please email me back.

    kevincollins1012 gmail.com

  7. Hello Linda and Mike! We met you at AM Solar during the solar installation on our Airstream. The solar provides a lot more freedom for us? We love the upgrades to Beartracks.

    Very best
    Linda & Lee

  8. My wife and I enjoy following your adventures. We are in the planning process for a full-time adventure and have a few questions for you. I am also a retired federal agent and looking for some advise. Could you send us an email?

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