Naming The Bear

Our Hylas49 sailboat was named Aquila (constellation of the Eagle).  We enjoyed sailing the world in her for the first 7 years of our retirement.  We decided that our next adventure would be exploring the beautiful places right here in the United States.  So we put Aquila on the market and bought a 40′ Monaco Cayman (slightly used, great price) and moved aboard.  We planned to follow our eagle theme for her name, but after our first weekend trip, I realized that it just wouldn’t fit.  The motion is so different.  We weren’t gliding or soaring like an eagle.  It felt more like we were lumbering down the road.  Rather than feeling like a small boat in a very large ocean, it felt like we were a huge bear trying to stay between the lines and not bump into things!  We named her “The Bear” and this blog will share our travels and experiences as we adjust to life on land.  By the way, we call our car, which we tow, “The Cub”.

2 thoughts on “Naming The Bear

  1. I was thinking about you just the other day. Wondering if you bought your RV, etc. Wow! It is beautiful! Sounds like you are having a great time. Sounds like you got a great deal on it. We will be watching your blog and wishing you tons of fun. Hugs to you and Lucy!

    Cathie and Tom/INTERLUDE

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