Our Family

This page is dedicated to our family.  I will add new pictures periodically.  This is my way of taking all of them with us on this journey!

8 thoughts on “Our Family

  1. Hi, Bear Tracks! interesting travels you guys have! I came across your site while browsing for photos of Arizona. So I have a request! We are a new country band called The Country Campers, our first album features songs for RVers. One of the songs has a lyric line that goes ‘ Moon on the horizon’ set in Arizona. I wondered if we could use your photo taken near the town of Tubec of the moon above the mountains for a scene in the video? We can send you a free copy of the album in return. (released in August)

    Happy trails!


    • Hi Mike, That sounds like a good deal to me! Please feel free to use the photo. We love country music! Good luck with your new band. I will email the original photo to your email address.

  2. Hello Linda & Mike,
    My name is Patrick Turner. I am working with a local author and publisher to create a bilingual children’s book about animals found in Nevada. The book is called “Our Nevada: Baby Animals.” One of the animals we want to include in the book is the mule deer. When doing research for the book I came across one of your amazing photos:

    Would be willing to grant Baobab Press (http://www.baobabpress.com) permission to use your baby mule deer photo in exchange for photo credit in the book?

    Thank you,
    Patrick Turner

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